Movie Review: Dom Hemingway

We've all made a bad decision a time or two, right? But how do you set things right afterwords? In April 2014, Dom had lost a lot by his decision, and someone needed to pay for it, all he needed to do was go collect what was his.

Directing this 93 minute comedy/crime/drama is Richard Shepard.

Some of the cast in this flick is: Jude Law as Dom Hemingway, Richard E. Grant as Dickie Black, Madalina Diana Ghenea as Paolina and Emilia Clarke as Evelyn.

After losing twelve years in prison, safe cracker Dom Hemingway, is finally out and looking to live again. After he makes a few stops and picks up a few things up that he feels he's owed, Dom is on happy street. Only problem is, every time things start flowing smoothly, Dom seems to run into some bad luck.

This one was pretty interesting if I had to call it anything. I'm not going to lie, I can't stand Jude Law... at all, he bugs the crap out of me. So the opening of this flick about did me in. Yet, I stuck with it and saw it to the end. The movie has a good storyline, and keeps a good entertaining pace, till about towards the end where it slows down a bit. Nothing big enough to take from the movie really, just more like you've been running full force and it's time to slow down before stopping. Actually it fit the end of the flick pretty well, like putting that last piece into the puzzle.
As for the cast, yeah Law did a good job, and apparently playing a character that has a self destructive and violent nature fits him. Other cast members did a good job as well, and I have always liked Grant's work in movies. So I have to say Nina Gold picked a solid cast for this one.

The storyline isn't anything new or original, but the playthrough makes up for it by taking us on a wild ride as Dom tries to pick up the pieces of his life. All the while trying to find a balance in the constant chaos of his life, that's mostly his fault, even though he has trouble seeing it that way. Richard Shepard did write a good script for the film and it was pretty funny at times.

Overall, it's not the best thing I've watched but that could be the whole Jude Law thing, who knows. I will say that it's was entertaining but I can't say it's worth the money to go see it. I'd wait for rental prices before catching this one.

It's rated R for violence, language and nudity.

3 stars

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