Movie Review: Hercules Reborn

When you're out numbered and needing help, what do you do? In July 2014, we got the answer, you get Hercules on your side of course!

Directing this 95 minute action/adventure is Nick Lyon.

The cast is: Christian Oliver as Arius, James Duval as Horace, John Henningan (John Morrison) as Hercules, Christina Ulfsparre as Princess Theodara, Dylan Vox as Nikos, Marcus Shirock as Cyrus and Jeremy M. Inman as Tymek.

Arius's home has been taken over by an evil King named Nikos. Now, if Arius wants to free his home and rescue Princess Theodara from Nikos grip then Arius will need a little help. So Arius goes to find someone he thinks could help him with his fight... Hercules.

Ok, so this one snuck up on me, but since I'm a John Morrison (WWE superstar) fan I had to check this one out. Well, I'm glad I did, it was kind of fun to watch.

Writer Jose Montesinos came up with the story then Jim Hemphill sat down, and together they knocked out the screenplay. I thought the story wasn't bad. It's your typical evil threatening what you love but the hero needs a bigger army to vanquish the evil. The script wasn't bad, but it does have some cheesiness flowing out from time to time. Other than that the pace of the film is pretty good.

Now the visual effects that Joseph J. Lawson and Sandell Stangl came up with were pretty good. It's not a real gory flick but it does have it's moments of blood and cut throats. I thought the costume work that Amine Ben Khayi did looked great. Eric Gustano Peterson caught some cool looking scenes with the job he did on cinematography. After all this was put together the film wound up with a really good look.

The cast does a pretty descent job overall. There is some... well, I can't say bad acting exactly. It's kind of a mix between questionable acting and bad spots in the script. Every now and then you get hit with some over acting, but I thought Henningan, Oliver and Vox did a good job with their characters.

Overall, it's not a blockbuster flick by any means, but I liked it. Really the big pull for this flick will be the Hennigan (Morrison) angle, that's where most of their views (his fan base) will come from I'm sure. Followed up by the few that trip over this title like I did. Yet, if you find yourself with some time to kill and you're in the mood for some Herculean action or just a shirtless Morrison then give this one a spin.

It's rated UR (unrated) but does have violence and gore.

3 stars

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