Movie Review: See No Evil 2

Have you ever thought you were safe at work? In October 2014, Amy was stuck at work... with a serial killer.

Directing this 90 minute horror is Jen Soska and Sylvia Soska.

Bleeding for this film is: Glenn "Kane" Jacobs as Jacob Goodnight, Danielle Harris as Amy, Kaj-Erik Eriksen as Seth, Katharine Isabelle as Tamara, Chelan Simmons as Kayla, Greyston Holt as Will, Lee Mjdoub as Carter, Michael Eklund as Holden and Nancy Bell as Jacob's Mother.

Following the death of Jacob Goodnight, his horrific killing spree finally came to an end. After news broke about Jacob's death and the multiple bodies found at the Blackwell Hotel, the city morgue was notified it was
about to get busy, and of course, it was just as Amy was about to get off work. Knowing that would be a lot of work for the night shift crew, Amy decides to stay at work and help out. Even though it meant skipping out on her birthday party plans. Lucky for Amy, she's got a cool boss that doesn't want her to miss out on her party and sneaks her friends into the morgue for a surprise. Unfortunately, that's not the only surprise in store for Amy tonight. It appears the paramedics were wrong, Jacob is still alive... and he sees a lot of sin in this morgue.

So, the Soska sisters are at it again, and this time they teamed up with WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) Productions to make the sequel to See No Evil (2006).

Writers Nathan Brookes and Bobby Lee Darby came up with a good slasher storyline that gives plenty of reasons for a body count and that's about it.

The playthrough was cool, and it held my attention. Part of that was from the nice job done by Darcy Davis's work on the special effects and the visual effects work done by Chelsea Goodchild and Josh Shuman. All three effects artists did an awesome job making everything look bloody good. Only problem I had was with Jacob's eye, CGI isn't always the best way to go. Other than that, it's all good. 

The job done by the cast was good, but I have to give some stand out props to Isabelle for a well played character. Now, it's always awesome to see Harris in a cast line-up, but unfortunately this one just wasn't her best role. Being a fan of Jacobs from his work in the WWE, I dug watching him play/reprise his role as the killer Jacob. I just wish he would have done more during the scenes. Most of the time Jacobs is just chasing everyone around and giving quick kills when caught.

I liked the look and feel of everything in this one a lot better than the first film. I thought Mahlon Todd Williams caught some really good scenes with the cinematography. However, this wasn't the hard hitting sequel that I thought the Soska sisters were cooking up to serve to the masses. Now, part of that may be my bad. After watching the sisters work with American Mary (2012) I may have just expected more. I thought the kills were bland and just like any other slasher flick. Being in a morgue and having access to so many sharp, deadly, blunt and even dull objects I thought there would be more imagination to kill everyone off.

Overall, yeah if you're a fan of the first one or just a slasher fan in general, then go ahead and give it a spin. Keeping in mind the formula for most slasher flicks is always to leave it open for the next one, and while I'm not trying to spoil anything for anyone... this is a slasher flick. However, two films later, I can't say I'll be rushing to the front of the line to catch it if there's ever a 3rd one.

It's rated R for language and violence.

3 stars

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