Thursday, November 26, 2015

Movie Review: Thankskilling

Have you ever been afraid of a turkey? In December 2008, I finally saw one I would fear.

Directing this 70 minute comedy/horror/thriller is Jordan Downey.

Trying to make it to Thanksgiving is: Lindsey Anderson as Kristen, Lance Perdmore as Johnny, Natasha Cordova as Ali, Aaron Ringhiser-Carlson as Billy, Ryan E. Francis as Darren, General Bastard as Oscar the Hermit, Chuck Lamb as Sheriff Roud and Jordan Downey as (voice) Turkie.

Back in 1621 a native American shaman named Feathercloud took revenge on a group of pilgrims for dishonoring him. Reaching into the darkest of dark arts, Feathercloud used necromancy to create