Saturday, January 31, 2015

Movie Review: High Lane

Have you ever had a day just go wrong in every way possible? In June 2009, Chloe was having one of those days, and it was killing her.

Directing this 90 minute adventure/horror is Abel Ferry.

Not having the fun they thought they would are: Fanny Valette as Chloe, Johan Libereau as Loic, Raphael Lenglet as Guillaume, Nicolas Giraud as Fred, Maud Wyler as Karine and Justin Blanckaert as Anton.

Six friends on vacation decide to hit a hiking and rock climbing trail high up in the mountains. Unfortunately, the trail has been closed for repairs. Fred, who's a more experienced climber, decides

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Movie Review: The Wedding Ringer

What do you do when you're in a jam and don't have any friends to ask for help? In January 2015, Doug found a friend in the strangest of ways.

Directing this 101 minute comedy/romance is Jeremy Garelick.

Bring the laughs is: Kevin Hart as Jimmy Callahan/Bic, Josh Gad as Doug Harris, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting as Gretchen Palmer, Jorge Garcia as Lurch/Garvey, Affion Crockett as Reggie/Drysdale, Dan Gill as Bronstein/Dickerson, Corey Holcomb as Otis/Alzado, Colin Kane as Fitzgibbons/Plunkett, Alan Ritchson as Kip/Carew, Aaron Takahashi as Endo/Rambis, Olivia Thirlby as Alison Palmer, Mimi Rogers as Lois Palmer and Ken Howard as Ed Palmer.

Doug has met the woman of his dreams and is getting ready to get married. That should be the

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Movie Review: The Captive

What would you do if your child was taken? In December 2014, even though there was nothing they could do, Matthew and Tina never gave up hope.

Directing this 112 minute thriller is Atom Egoyan.

Some of the cast is: Ryan Reynolds as Matthew, Mireille Enos as Tina, Alexia Fast as Cass, Rosario Dawson as Nicole, Scott Speedman as Jeffery and Kevin Durand as Mika.

It's been eight years since Matthew and Tina's daughter, Cass, was abducted. Officers Nicole and Jeffrey haven't stopped looking for Cass, but without any clues there isn't much they can do. Matthew and Tina's

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Movie Review: Justice League: Throne of Atlantis

Have you ever felt like you didn't know where you belonged? In January 2015, Arthur knew he was different from everyone else, but he never would have guessed that difference would lead him to finding out where he came from.

Directing this 72 minute animation/action is Ethan Spaulding.

Voicing our heroes and villains is: Matt Lanter as Aquaman/Arthur Curry, Jason O'Mara as Batman, Jerry O'Connell as Superman, Rosario Dawson as Wonder Woman, Nathan Fillion as Green Lantern, Christopher Gorham as The Flash, Sean Astin as Shazam, Shemar Moore as Cyborg, Steve Blum as Computer Voice, Sirena Irwin as Queen Atlanna, Sumalee Montano as Mera, Harry Lennix as Black Manta and Sam Witwer as Ocean Master/Orm.

After news about a submarine being attacked in the Atlantic finds it's way back to the Justice League headquarters, Cyborg decides to go check it out. What he finds is a ripped up submarine, all the crew dead

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Movie Review: REC 4: Apocalypse

What would you do if you were trapped somewhere against your will? In January 2015, Angela has survived one quarantined nightmare... just to wind up in another.

Directing this 95 minute horror/thriller is Jaume Balaguero.

Some of the cast is: Manuela Velasco as Angela Vidal, Paco Manzanedo as Guzman, Hector Colome as Dr. Ricarte, Crispulo Cabezas as Lucas, Ismael Fritschi as Nick.

In the first movie, Angela was trapped in an apartment building with a strange virus that makes those infected violent and deadly. It was later found out that the strange virus was the biological cause of demonic possession. One by one, the occupants of the building were turned and went after the