Monday, March 12, 2018

Movie Review: The Elf (2017)

Just as I was about to give up on seeing anything new, horror-wise, for Christmas I found a gift waiting for me in my e-mail, a screener for the new horror film The Elf (2017). I was pretty stoked when I found this screener so I threw it on and quickly settled in for some Xmas horror and horror was exactly what I got...

The Elf is a horror film with a ninety-minute runtime that was written and directed by Justin Price. It's rated NR (not rated) but has violence and language. As far as the story goes, Nick just inherited an old toy shop and as he's looking around it, he finds a cursed elf doll sealed inside a chest with a naughty list of his family's names on it. Soon, Nick discovers that the elf was an evil conduit meant to unleash a supernatural killing spree during Christmas holidays, by whoever set it free.