Movie Review: In Fear

How do you get away from danger when you can't see where it's coming from? In November 2013, a young couple's plan of fun times turned into a fight for their lives.

Directing this 85 minute thriller is Jeremy Lovering.

Driving aimlessly in this flick is: Iain De Caestecker as Tom, Alice Englert as Lucy and Allen Leech as Max.

Tom and Lucy are hitting the road and heading to a music festival. On the way there Tom has a little surprise for Lucy: A stay at a secluded hotel along the way. Unfortunately, after a few wrong turns Tom and Lucy
seem to be a little lost and can't find the hotel. Of course when you're lost and stuck in a car with someone, things can start to get a little tense. In the beginning, Tom just thought it was Lucy's imagination causing her to see things in the night. Before long, what was passed off as imagination soon becomes all too real... something or someone is watching them... toying with them, but why? What does this unseen force want with them? Can Tom and Lucy find their way out of danger before it's too late?

I know a lot of movies start off slow, but usually they pick up the pace or have a good storyline to hold your attention. This would not be the case for this movie, I'm afraid. For a flick that spends MOST of the time in a car driving, you would think eventually the movie would end up going somewhere... nope! The script is spent making you listen to two people either bicker or awkwardly attempt hold a conversation with each other. Now I'm sure when Lovering, who also directed this little ditty, was writing this script it sounded like a really good idea. So, I don't what happened between there and here. The movie doesn't have a point or a goal really. Where there is supposed to be this building tension because... well it's suppose to be a thriller, it just falls short and boring. As for the cast, I think De Caestecker should stick with his t.v. show (Marvel Agents of Shield) and Englert, yeah, I don't know what she should do. This is the second film I've seen with her (Beautiful Creatures was the other one) and both times I've not been impressed. There's just nothing to hold onto during this movie. Scenery? Yeah, trees, dirt roads and a couple of houses - there you go. I spent almost 85 minutes watching trees and brush pass by through the car window, while listening to two people annoy the crap out of me and then the climatic end (which was not really thrilling or climatic). I've seen more interesting things happening in a car while I was passing through the parking lot of the mall. Overall, if you truly value your time in this world, skip this one.

It's rated R for language and violence.

1 star

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