Movie Review: The Orphan Killer

Have you ever had a goal you would just kill to achieve? In October 2011, we watched as Marcus worked hard to achieve his.

Directing this 82 minute horror is Matt Farnsworth.

Starring in this kill or be killed flick is: Diane Foster as Audrey, David Backus as Marcus Miller/The Orphan Killer, Matt Farnsworth as Officer Mike Hunt, Karen Young as Sister Mary, James McCaffrey as Detective Jones and John Savage as Detective Walker.

The events in Marcus's life have been slowly building up to make him the man he is today. Like witnessing the murder of his parents, an event that would make him and his sister Audrey wards of the state. The abuse
suffered by the ones that were tasked to be Marcus's caretakers. Then, what might have been the final straw, the adoption of his sister Audrey. These two kids would live such drastically different lives, one filled with love and happiness while the other... pain and punishment. Now after all these years, Marcus is back, and looking to catch up with his sister Audrey.

First off, I can see this film as a love it or hate it kind of thing for the viewers. Where some will see this as just some low budget waste of time, others will see all the work that was put into making something that turned out to be a really good film. Now like most slasher films, the script is simple. A rough and tortured life that adds to the dark twist in a individual (soon to be serial killer), then the eventual snapping point that leads to... a high body count. What I liked about the playthrough was that it keeps a good pace all the way through and held my attention. As for the special effects, TOK (The Orphan Killer) decided to go with the use of props over CGI (which is always fine by me) to make some sick and killer scenes. The cast does a pretty good job, and I can see Foster after a little more time under her running with the scream queens. Also, the soundtrack caught my attention, from the opening remake to every song that follows, it all fits well and adds another good element to the film. Now, another thing I dug about this one was it gives off that old feeling that reminds you of some of the cult greats, while carving out a nitch to stand on it's own. I can see Miller putting many a body in the ground for many a sequel. Which works since word is Farnsworth is working on knocking out not only a second movie but a third as well. Overall, this one is a winner if you don't mind: bloody scenes; T&A that has nothing to do with the story; painful kills; and a killer that won't quit. You know, everything a good slasher film is supposed to have. Which may also be the reason why Germany banned this film.

It's rated R for violence, language, nudity and gore.

3 bloody stars

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