Movie Review: The Single Moms Club

How do you handle life when you're feeling burned out and tired? In March 2014, we watched as five women found a solution to that problem, they started a club.

Directing this 111 minute comedy/drama is Tyler Perry.

Some of the cast is: Nia Long as May, Wendi McLendon-Covey as Jan, Amy Smart as Hillary, Zulay Henao as Esperanza, Cocoa Brown as Lytia, Ryan Eggold as Peter, Tyler Perry as TK, William Levy as Manny, Terry Crews as Branson and Eddie Cibrian as Santos.

Five women from different walks of life are brought together after their kids get into trouble at school. The kids get a second chance, but the moms must work together to make the decorations for a school dance. This gives the women a reason to get together, but then they realize they all have something in common. They're all single moms that are tired from their busy lives. Hence, the start of the single moms club. They started as five strangers, but quickly become five friends that help each other out.

Well, Tyler Perry wrote and directed another fun, friendly (predictable, average) and warm-hearted film. All the things you find in Perry's films, all of his films... all like this one. Don't get me wrong, Perry's good at making people laugh, but it would be nice to see a little change up here and there. Either way, the movie has a good storyline that I'm sure will empower those that need a surge of empowerment. While handing out laughs along the way to lighten up the seriousness of the plot (why you would do that in every film I have no clue). This could have been a really good movie actually, if it wasn't for those surgically placed laughs that cut you away from the flow when it starts getting good. The cast did really good, and they had a nice chemistry between them, which helped with the delivery of  the (predictable) script. Overall, this is an ok film that someone will enjoy watching. I wouldn't pay to see it, but then again it's been awhile since Perry has put anything out that I would say is worth paying to see. I'm seriously not trying to be negative about this one. I laughed at all the jokes/gags, they were funny. I really liked the plot, being a single parent is a hard gig. How do you balance everything while trying to raise one or more kids? Yet, as much as I laughed, this one would fall into My List que on Netflix. Where it would sit until that fateful night where I've searched madly for something to watch. Violently flipping through all my categories hoping for something, anything really, to leap out and attack me, which doesn't happen often. So I fall back to my My List which really is just a long list of crap that I know I'll never get around to watching... until now.

It's rated PG-13.

3 stars for another cookie cutter produced film by Perry. 

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