Movie Review: Sex Tape

Have you ever tried to re-ignite a lost spark with your other half? In 2014, that's all Annie's idea was supposed to do, and well... it worked.

Directing this 94 minute comedy is Jake Kasdan.

Keeping this one funny is: Jason Segel as Jay, Cameron Diaz as Annie, Rob Corddry as Robby, Ellie Kemper as Tess, Giselle Eisenberg as Nell, Harrison Holzer as Howard and Sebastian Hedges Thomas as Clive.

Jay and Annie are having a little trouble finding that sexual spark between them. It's not that they don't want to get together, it's just that life has kind of made it hard to be spontaneous with being tired/busy because of work, and then there's the kids. So Annie has an idea to get that spark back. They're going to do something
they've never done before... make a sex tape! All Annie wants is to have some fun and when they're done have Jay erase the tape. Too bad the video was sent out to people before he deleted it...

After watching the trailer I was all about catching this movie. Now, I like Segel, not really a Diaz fan mind you, but I have enjoyed some of her films so I was looking forward to seeing what they had going on with this one.

So, after Kate Angelo wrote the story she was joined by Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller to write the screenplay. The storyline that everyone came up with was good. I think I enjoyed it more so because of the subject matter. It's about how much things change from when you first get together with your other half. Then come the kids and work into life. It's about how everything used to be fun and adventurous in the beginning, then it's almost work to find that "private time" for a couple to get together. Like I said, I could relate to the story and watching everything unfold turned out to be an over-exaggerated fun ride.

Now the downside, the script was a bit weak. As funny as everything was, it just never peaked past an average comedy. Yeah I laughed, but I can't say anything left a lasting impression. The storyline had plenty of room to expand in either better jokes or a deeper take on the material, yet it didn't. Some of the jokes were funny at first but then just became quick repeated attempts to fill the flick with humor. 

As for the playthrough, I thought it moved at a good pace and held my attention with either the jokes or the constant site gags they had going on. Yeah, it's a bit of low brow humor at times, and it's filled with constant sexual references and over exaggerated situations. So if you're into that kind of thing (like me) then you find some funnies here and there.

The cast did a really good job. Segel and yes, even Diaz were killing me with their scenes. I thought they had a pretty good chemistry that helped sell the show. Rob Lowe popping into the flick with his character was cool because it's a funny character that I'm not used to seeing him play.

Overall, yeah it's funny and worth checking out. Not really worth paying high dollars to catch it, but will be a great rental. I could do without ever seeing Segel's bare ass again for the rest of my life. Yet, I can't really hold that against the movie when it comes to the rating... or can I? Hmm...

It's rated R for language and nudity.

3 stars

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